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Can’t play e-sabong anymore?

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sabong,online sabong,sabong inquiry,sabong subpoena,sabong panel

E-sabong is declared to suspend operation! ?

The country will suspend e-sabong operations? Ordered by President Ferdinand “Bonbon” Marcos Jr.

By executive order. On September 9, Marcos directed the suspension of e-sabong operations, saying it was “urgent”.

The reason why E-sabong was discontinued!

“It is urgent to reiterate the continued suspension of all e-sabong businesses nationwide, clarify the scope of existing regulations, and instruct relevant agencies to crack down on illegal e-sabong businesses in accordance with the law.

It includes suspending the live or broadcast of live cockfights at cockfighting venues or outside the venue where cockfights are held.

There is also a suspension of online/remote or off-site betting/betting on live cockfighting and/or live or streamed events, regardless of where the betting platform is located.

Conflict with current law?

But traditional cockfighting, which is authorized or licensed under existing laws, should not be suspended.

The president’s order stresses that the state “has the primary duty to protect public health and morals, and to promote public safety and the general welfare.”

The Chief Executive also tasked the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation with coordinating with local government units, other relevant government agencies, and private entities on the implementation of Executive Order No. 9.

Who are the units that cooperate with the government to assist in the suspension of E-sabong?

The Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) and the Philippine National Police (PNP) were also tasked with providing necessary assistance to PAGCOR in enforcing the order and taking appropriate action against offenders in accordance with the law.

PAGCOR, in coordination with DILG and PNP, is further responsible for submitting periodic reports to the President through the Office of the Executive Secretary.

Former President Rodrigo Duterte ordered an end to online cockfighting, known as e-sabong, on May 3, 2022.