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Features of JILIBET sabong Vietnam

Characteristics and differences of various types of JILIBET sabong

JILIBET sabong, as the name suggests, when everyone sees this word, they all say that this chicken will definitely fight, right? correct! JILIBET sabong has the characteristics of long neck, eagle beak, high legs and ostrich body.
JILIBET sabong has a history of 2800 years, and many poets in history have written poems praising JILIBET sabong. Up to now, the site of JILIBET sabong platform still exists in many places in our country.
In my country,

JILIBET sabong is divided into four major varieties:

Luxi JILIBET sabong, Zhangzhou JILIBET sabong, Yunnan JILIBET sabong and Xinjiang JILIBET sabong. In the world, there are JILIBET sabong in Vietnam, JILIBET sabong in Thailand, JILIBET sabong in Japan, JILIBET sabong in the Philippines, etc.
Some people will question, JILIBET sabong will fight, what do they eat, in fact, the feeding method of JILIBET sabong and chicken is basically the same
Feeding can be the same as usual, but if JILIBET sabong is going to face competition, it needs to add some nutrients (such as beef) to it. It is the same as human beings. Playing competitions consumes more physical strength, and supplements are necessary for nutritionists.
JILIBET sabong’s disease resistance is still relatively strong, and generally does not suffer from any disease, so it is better to feed farmers in free-range farming, but there is one thing, once JILIBET sabong sees each other, it will fight to the death, so feeding
JILIBET sabong must be fed separately. Some JILIBET sabongs are less aggressive and will run away if you can’t beat them, but some JILIBET sabongs are more aggressive and won’t run away even if you are killed. So JILIBET sabong is also called “hero chicken” by foreigners

Let’s introduce the characteristics of the world’s four major brands JILIBET sabong

First of all, let’s talk about Vietnamese cockfighting. Vietnamese cockfighting is a kind of cockfighting that lives in Vietnam. Because the weather in Vietnam is relatively high throughout the year, there are very few hairs on Vietnamese cockfighting cocks. Vietnamese fighting cocks are basically bare necks, with thin or even no hair on their wings and legs, which is due to the climate of Vietnam. If the purebred Vietnamese fighting cock lives in the north of our country, it will not be suitable because the weather in the north of our country is too cold, and it is better in summer. The neck of the Vietnamese cockfighting is very long, the skeleton is tall and the legs are slender. The overall impression is that it is tall and hairless. The fighting nature of the Vietnamese cockfighting is very strong. Controlling the chicken and scratching the back of the head are the characteristics of Vietnamese cockfighting. For cockfighting lovers who like to play games, many people will choose Vietnamese cockfighting, but Vietnamese cockfighting is not good-looking because of its lack of hair and thinness, so people who like to watch will not choose Vietnamese cockfighting.
Let’s talk about the Central Plains cockfighting and the Luxi cockfighting. The Luxi cockfighting, also known as the Chinese cockfighting, is the only preserved breed of cockfighting cock in my country. Luxi fighting cocks have more hair colors, such as red, black, gray, white, etc. The hair on the body is thicker and more. Tall, well-proportioned and long-legged, the Luxi fighting cock is characterized by a small, pointed head and a short, stubby, curved beak. The eyes are large, with deep eye sockets. The watercolors are water white eyes and bean green eyes, and the ear leaves are short. Good fighting, Luxi cocks have always lived in my country, so they are better fed, have strong disease resistance, and generally do not get sick. Whether it is free-range, captive, or large-scale breeding, they are generally successful in breeding. Luxi cocks are recreational Chicken breeds, claws and wings are used together when fighting, with the characteristics of “better to die than yield”. The Western Luxi cockfighting originated in the ancient city of Caozhou in the south and east of Shanxi, that is, Heze, Caoxian, Chengwu and other counties today. Generally, people who enjoy cockfighting will choose Luxi cockfighting. The characteristics of the Central Plains cockfighting and Luxi cockfighting are very similar, so I will not introduce the Central Plains cockfighting here.

Finally, let’s talk about Thai JILIBET sabong.

Thai cockfighting is an excellent breed of cockfighting cocks. The feathers are bright, compact, and stick to the body surface. In particular, the Thai cockfighting cock has long tails and many hairs, which are more eye-catching. The distance between the legs should be wide, and the claws should be thin and sharp, which is suitable for winning. The bone structure of the whole body is tight, and the length and thickness of the bones in each part must be symmetrical, which is the most favorable basis for cockfighting to defeat the opponent. This is what Thai cockfighting is all about. Thai fighting cocks have strong adaptability and are relatively easy to feed in northern my country. The biggest feature of Vietnamese cockfighting is its beauty, bright feathers, and heroic fighting skills, killing two birds with one stone. In my opinion, the ornamental cockfight is none other than the Thai cockfight!
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