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online sabong essay part 1

During the holiday, I went to Xi’an Datang Furong Garden, and what impressed me the most was the online sabong. The fur on the neck of this chicken is golden yellow, the fur on the back is blood red, and the fur on the tail is like a freshly washed sapphire, shiny and shiny.

Three people in ancient costumes each carried a chicken onto the ring. The rules of the game are that the three chickens face off in twos and two, and two of the three games are won, and the remaining chicken at the end wins. The chickens had blood all over their bodies, and black cloth bags were put on their heads to prevent the fight from starting before the game started.

The competition began. Chicken No. 1 and No. 2 fought first. The hairs on their necks stood up, like the mane of an angry lion, and their mouths were like newly sharpened sickles. Chicken No. 1 flicked its wings and jumped on the back of Chicken No. 2. Who would have guessed that Chicken No. 2 arched its back and pushed Chicken No. 1 off the ring.

When it was Chicken No. 2 and Chicken No. 3 to fight, Chicken No. 3 opened his neck like a sharp sword as soon as he came on the field, and raised his head and rushed towards Chicken No. 2. At the same time, he slapped Chicken No. 2 with a wing. , Chicken No. 2 fell to the ground and wanted to resist, but it was too late.

Chicken No. 3 kept grabbing Chicken No. 2 with his claws, and Chicken No. 2 had to run away. When Chicken No. 2 was close to the edge, Chicken No. 3 slammed and knocked Chicken No. 2 off the ring.

The time has come to decide the winner. Chicken No. 3 was fighting and retreating. When it was close to the edge, it pretended to admit defeat. When Chicken No. 2 rushed over, it flashed, and Chicken No. 2 fell off the ring because of excessive force. Chicken No. 3 wins!

Online sabong is a way of entertainment for the ancient people. Its process is wonderful, but I think this activity is fierce and cruel.

online sabong essay part 2

My grandmother raised several big roosters, two of which were relatively robust, with their fiery red crowns standing tall as if they were wearing a crown. They fight a lot, so they are called “online sabong.

In the morning, when I come to deliver food to them, they will rush to get out of the cage. Especially these two “online sabongs“, like 100-meter sprint athletes, rushed in front of me. As soon as I put the food in the trough, they fight first, clucking and pecking at each other’s crests, necks, and tails.

At noon, I let them play on the grass. They began to fight again, their heads stretched out, their eyes widened, their feathers erected, and they ran after each other.

In the evening, it’s time to “go home”. They still clucked and clucked as if they hadn’t decided yet, as if begging me to give them more time to decide who was the “fighter” among the roosters.

These are my two favorite online sabongs, they are so much fun!

online sabong essay part 3

In the composition class, the sound of dangdeng came from the classroom, and you may be guessing: we are running a race. Do not! you are wrong! We are playing online sabong!

In the first game, Xiaoyuan and Xiaoyue played. At the beginning of the game, Xiaoyuan had a thunderbolt from the blue sky: I saw him speeding up the sprint, jumping high and raising his knees to hit Xiaoyue’s stomach. The hands are loose, and the legs are on the ground. Xiaoyuan won the first game. Everyone analyzed that Xiaoyue failed because the power disparity between the two sides was too great.

The best part is the second game. Teacher: Get ready! The challenger Xiaoyuan and the challenged Xiaozheng raised their ankles at the same time, preparing for a duel. The teacher said again: Start! I saw Xiaozheng thundering from the blue sky, delusional to solve Xiaoyuan, but Xiaoyuan took a small step and jumped slightly to the left, making Xiaozheng flutter in the air, and then Xiaozheng pursued Xiaoyuan. Everyone was very anxious at this time and held their breath, for fear that Xiaoyuan would be knocked down by Xiaozheng’s King Kong leg, that is, the tip of his knee. Who knows, soon, Xiaoyuan lost his strength, Xiaozheng made a point, Xiaoyuan slipped, and the second game ended with Xiaozheng’s victory. All the students congratulated Xiaozheng for defeating Xiaoyuan and becoming the king of the game in our class.

Although the game is over, everyone’s laughter and laughter can be heard echoing in the hallway for a long time. The online sabong game is really a game that tests balance and endurance.

online sabong essay part 4


She combed her long hair, she used bangs to cover her eyebrows and eyes that made her unable to lift her head, and she also used bangs to cover her heart. She stopped talking to people and making so-called “friends”. Finally, she grew into a silent girl.

This light moonlit night changed her. She just nodded to join the math group. But because of the power outage, people were pulled downstairs to sing, and more than a dozen people sat together. The hazy moonlight made it difficult to see other people’s faces, and she was a little overjoyed and unnamed excited.

Because of the cheers of the people next to me, and the beautiful moonlight. She pushed aside her heavy bangs childishly and sang the folk songs of her hometown. She tasted what thrilled her—friendliness.

Everyone is applauding. She completely forgot her online sabong eyes. Singing obliviously. The moon came out secretly. Right on her face. She saw the abominable moon, she stopped singing, and plucked her bangs in a panic.

She lowered her head in inferiority, waiting for those people to laugh at her. “Huh? Stop singing?” “I…I’m ugly…” She was a little ashamed of being exposed. “You look very beautiful!” “Yes, you are beautiful” “You are beautiful” “I” suddenly faced so many compliments, and she narrowed her eyes with happiness. Started humming again. Countless friends around him gently greeted him. .

“It’s nice.” A girl was lying on the table talking in her sleep. Shimmering moonlight all around