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How much do men love online sabong


In the event of a fire, the priority of online sabong for rescue

At the end of 2016, when I came to Cebu and just left the youth hostel, I was attracted by the roosters occupying the roads and street corners. Some chickens have their left feet tied to the ground at the entrance of the roast chicken shop, some chickens are enclosed in large cages, some chickens stand on waste tires and stare at the people passing by, and some chickens rely on their owners like pets. in the arms of…. It only takes a little traveler’s sensitivity to know that the city’s penchant for “roosters” is unusual.

Anyone with some anthropological knowledge can quickly make a judgment: “These are online sabongs.”

Cockfighting is a chapter that every apprentice of anthropology will not skip. It is a classic ethnographic work interpreting the anthropologist Clifford Geertz. In the 1950s, he stepped into Central Java and witnessed a country. It is gradually taking shape, and it explores the relationship between cockfighting culture and the nation.

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Southeast Asia is a lot more, but for the newly independent Indonesia, this folk preference is too unprogressive and primitive, and it is extremely incommensurate with this ambitious republic, and it is also worried that poor and unrestrained farmers will gamble their money. Light, worried about the eyes of foreigners, and even thought that it was a waste of time that should have been invested in national construction, so it was banned. The villagers had to secretly “Online sabongs”.

Jielz, who had just stepped into the field, did not know this, because it was difficult for him to integrate into the village, and the villagers always refused to let him out until they accidentally participated in an online sabongs competition. After the police raided, they fled with the villagers. regarded as “one’s own”.

After being accepted, Gilz also had the opportunity to deeply observe and study the Online sabong (Sabung) in Bali. In “Deep Game”, he describes the delicate relationship between a man and Online sabong, which is both a metaphor and a performance: a man is full of heart identification with the rooster, and the animal has become a masculine symbol, and the word Online sabong is reflected in daily life. in the vocabulary used to describe men.

Men in Bali would rather violate the rules, accept moral condemnation, and also engage in cockfighting, because in the process, they can gain status, honor, dignity and respect more than money. On this stage, the rooster is the “agent” of people, fighting for their village, faction, community, caste, and class. The relationship and competition between people in society is concretely and slightly symbolized on this cockfighting arena. manner of performance. In the cockfighting ring, Gilz observed the inherent complexity of the nation.

I saw a similar description in the Philippines half a century after Gilz finished the field. I thought to myself: Since it can be raised in public, and I have seen big advertisements for cockfighting competitions, cockfighting must be legal.

Cockfighting in the Philippines is called Sabong,

It is almost the same as the Indonesian language. I searched for cockfighting information and found that the Philippines had a cockfighting culture as early as before the Spanish colonization. Not), character building as a “Filipino”, also referred to as a “vicious habit”. Makes me wonder, if Rizal lived to witness the independence of his motherland like Sukarno, would cockfighting be banned as well?