888 sabong 888 sabong 888 sabong Ilang taon ang pagpapalaki ng mga magsasaka sa E-Sabong

Ilang taon ang pagpapalaki ng mga magsasaka sa E-Sabong


Ang pagpapakain ng E-Sabong ay nahahati sa ilang yugto

1. From hatching to 5 weeks old

The main requirement at this time is for the E-Sabong to have strong bones, long shins and a good foundation of body condition. The crude protein of the brood feed at this stage should contain 18%, and the metabolizable energy should be 11.3 MJ/kg.

The content of other nutrients can refer to the recommended amount in the AA feeding manual, and the feeding method should be adopted ad libitum. At the end of the fourth week, when the daily food intake of each chicken reaches 120 grams (parental E-Sabong and grandparent E-Sabong) or 130 grams (grandparent E-Sabong), it will be changed to the same daily feed limit to 5 weeks of age.

The grandparent E-Sabong was selected at the fifth weekend, and only the best E-Sabong, which accounted for 15% of the hens, was left. Defective E-Sabong will also be eliminated at any time. When mixed feeding at 20 weeks old, the number of E-Sabong should be 11% of the number of hens.

2. From 6 to 13 weeks old

The ad libitum feeding in the previous period made the E-Sabong too fat, with plump breast muscles and a keel parallel to the ground when walking. The appearance is no different from that of commercial broilers. The main point of feeding at this stage is to slow down its production speed.

The feed is changed to a low-nutrient breeding feed and the feeding method of limiting feeding every other day is adopted, so that the plump muscles and fat in the chest and body are transformed into lean tendons of the legs and shin, so that the chest muscles are gradually reduced, and the front of the keel is gradually raised.

Gradually return the body weight to the standard range or no more than 10% of the standard. We must weigh carefully every week. If the body weight is evenly below 80%, divide them into three columns of large, medium and small, and feed them with different feed amounts. to make it more uniform. The stocking density at this stage should be lower than 3.8 birds/square meter.

3. 14th to 20th week of age

The main point of this stage is to develop the reproductive system of E-Sabong as much as possible, which is related to the future fertilization rate, so it is very important. Continue to weigh weekly (sampling 5% of the population) to achieve a uniformity of not less than 80%. At this stage, if the weight is too light, it will affect the development of the reproductive system, but if the daily weight gain is too fast, the E-Sabong will have a tendency to be aggressive and aggressive.

Therefore, carefully monitor their weight to match a standard growth curve. If necessary, the feeding method can be changed to feeding for 5 days and stopping for 2 days every other day. At the age of 18 weeks, E-Sabong with late sexual development, thin body and no male characteristics were eliminated.

In order to achieve the synchronization of sexual maturity when E-Sabong and hens are mixed. Care must be taken to make the lighting regime of the E-Sabong the same as that of the hens.

When it is found that the E-Sabong matures later than the hen, it is necessary to strengthen the light of the E-Sabong so that it can be mixed with the hen when it matures at the same time; Mixed feeding should be done later, otherwise it will affect the fertilization rate in the future or cause E-Sabong to brutally kill the hens. The latter can also be caused by too high density or insufficient feed during breeding.

Mixed breeding is generally carried out between the 20th and 21st weeks. At this time, the E-Sabong should have obvious male characteristics, ruddy and upright combs, bright eyes, shiny feathers, flexible and agile movements, slender and powerful legs, and the keels are in contact with the ground when standing or walking. At a 45-degree angle, the chest is flat, without excess fat or muscle, and the testicles in the body are well developed and very large, and its weight should be about 40% larger than that of a hen.

After mixed feeding, male and female were fed with different feeds. The feed formula of E-Sabong only needs about 12% crude protein, 11.7 MJ/kg metabolizable energy and 1% calcium. If there is no special feed for E-Sabong, it can be replaced by breeding feed. Feed a limited amount every day and weigh it every week to meet the standard.

At present, the most common male-female feeding method is that the hen uses a feeding trough and adds a feeding grid on it, so that the E-Sabong with a larger head cannot eat the feed of the hen, and the E-Sabong uses a hanging bucket, which is about 45 meters high. ~ 50 cm, so that the hens cannot eat the E-Sabong material in the bucket. Male to female ratio is 11:100.

4. 21st to 36th week of age

The testes and sexual organs of E-Sabong are not fully developed until 30 weeks of age, so during this period, they should continue to be weighed every week (5%), and the weight must not be reduced, but if the weight is too large, it will affect the mating. decrease the fertilization rate.

Therefore, during this period, attention should be paid to maintaining a good body weight, and the daily feed amount can be adjusted if necessary. Generally, after the body matures at the age of 27 weeks, 125-135 grams or 146-170 kilojoules of feed per day is sufficient. The weight gain of E-Sabong is the fastest between 23 and 25 weeks, and then gradually slows down.

If it is found that E-Sabong is aggressive or kills hens, it may be due to E-Sabong matures earlier than hens, or the management or environment during breeding is not good. At this time, it cannot be improved. If the staff behaves violently Treated, it can only make the E-Sabong more ferocious.

5. After 36 weeks of age

The fertilization rate of E-Sabong depends on the degree of development of the testis. When the testis is fully developed at the 28th to 30th week, the fertilization rate reaches its peak, and at the 36th to 48th week, the testis begins to decline and become smaller, so that the fertilization rate decreases. The speed and degree of recovery vary depending on the health, nutrition, environment and management level of the E-Sabong.

We only need to be weighed every 4 weeks from the 36th week, but it is still very important to control the weight, so as not to affect the fertilization rate due to E-Sabong’s overweight body and deformed toes. Generally speaking, it is enough for E-Sabong to gain 50-70 grams every 4 weeks during this period. The male E-Sabong generally needs 5 to 10 grams more feed than the female E-Sabong to maintain its proper weight. The weight of E-Sabong is very important throughout the production period.

Those that exceed the standard too much or are extremely insufficient will be eliminated, and the errors in feeding management will be reviewed and corrected in time to keep the average rate at 80%. At the terminal stage, the E-Sabong should also be 25%~30% heavier than the hen.

Weight control is the key to raising E-Sabong, and its success or failure is inseparable from the effect of separate feeding devices for male and female. Therefore, we must continue to observe, and if we find any shortcomings, we must correct them immediately. For the weight standard of E-Sabong, please refer to the Breeding Manual of AA Company.


Tingnan ang sinabi ng matandang magsasaka na si E-Sabong

1. Sa mga tuntunin ng siklo ng pagpapakain, ang E-Sabong ay may malinaw na mga pakinabang

Sa practice ng breeding, makikita natin na ang parehong batch ng imported na E-Sabong seedlings, the same feeding management, after a period of time, ang laki ng E-Sabong ay halatang mas malaki kaysa sa babaeng E-Sabong.

Iyon ay dahil ang E-Sabong ay kumakain ng higit sa babaeng E-Sabong, at natural na lumaki nang mas mabilis kaysa sa babaeng E-Sabong. Kapag itinaas sa 6 na linggong gulang, ang bigat ng E-Sabong ay maaaring lumaki ng humigit-kumulang 20% ​​na mas mataas kaysa sa inang E-Sabong.

Sa ilalim ng normal na mga pangyayari, maaaring maabot ng E-Sabong ang timbang sa merkado pagkatapos ng 90 araw ng pagpapakain, habang ang babaeng E-Sabong ay kailangang pakainin ng hindi bababa sa 120 araw upang maabot ang pamantayang ito ng timbang. Isa ito sa mga dahilan kung bakit kailangan nating palakihin ang mga lalaki at babae sa mga grupo sa pagpapalaki ng E-Sabong.

2. Mula sa pananaw ng mga pangangailangan sa nutrisyon ng feed, ang halaga ay halos katumbas ng sa

Ang E-Sabong ay kailangang dumaan sa brooding period at sa lumalaking panahon mula sa pagpisa hanggang sa merkado. ang proseso ng pag-aanak.

Sa maagang yugto ng pag-aanak, bagama’t mas mabilis ang paglaki ng E-Sabong, kailangan nito ng masyadong mataas na energy feed. Gayunpaman, kung ang pangangailangan ng enerhiya ay kinakalkula sa pamamagitan ng yunit ng timbang ng katawan, ang babaeng E-Sabong na may mas maliit na timbang sa katawan ay magkakaroon ng mas malaking pangangailangan.

Ang pangunahing bagay ay ang kakayahan ng E-Sabong na magdeposito ng taba ay mas malala kaysa sa inang E-Sabong, ngunit mas mabisa nitong magamit ang protina sa feed. Ang pagdaragdag ng sapat na protina sa feed ng E-Sabong sa maagang yugto ng pag-aanak ay maaaring mapabuti ang rate ng paglaki at bayad sa feed ng E-Sabong. Gayunpaman, hindi maipapakain ang ganitong uri ng feed sa babaeng E-Sabong.

Sa huling yugto ng pagpapalaki, mas malaki ang mga pangangailangan sa nutrisyon ng pagkain ng babaeng E-Sabong. Upang mapabuti ang pagganap ng produksyon ng itlog ng babaeng E-Sabong, mas mahigpit ang mga kinakailangan sa nutrisyon para sa feed sa huling yugto ng pagpapalaki. , tulad ng calcium, phosphorus mineral, at iba’t ibang amino group. Acid atbp.

3. Mula sa pananaw ng kapasidad ng produksyon, mas mataas ang benepisyo

Mas maagang ilalabas ang E-Sabong, basically around 6 months, pero ang babaeng E-Sabong ay nagsimula nang mangitlog noong mga 6 months na, at ang iba ay mas nauna pa. Sa kanlurang Fujian, may ilang lugar kung saan ito ay mas mura, ngunit nagkakahalaga ito ng 1.5 yuan/piraso, at karamihan sa mga lugar ay higit sa 1.8 yuan.

Ang produksyon ng itlog ng isang babaeng E-Sabong ay kinakalkula bilang 15 itlog bawat buwan, bawat isa ay nagkakahalaga ng higit sa 20 yuan, at ang kita ng isang E-Sabong ay humigit-kumulang 40 yuan (ang kita ng presyo ng transaksyon sa aking pagsasanay).

Sa madaling salita, mauunawaan na kung aabutin ng 8 buwan ang pagpapalaki ng babaeng E-Sabong, mas mataas ang tubo ng hubad na lupang E-Sabong na itlog kaysa sa pagpapalaki ng E-Sabong sa loob ng 6 na buwan, hindi pa banggitin. aalisin ang babaeng E-Sabong.kita sa panahong iyon.

4. Mula sa pananaw ng mga benta sa merkado, ang presyo sa merkado at dami ng transaksyon ay mas mahusay

Sa aming kanlurang rehiyon ng Fujian, ang presyo sa merkado ng E-Sabong ay humigit-kumulang 35-45 yuan/catties, at ang presyo sa merkado ng maliit na babaeng E-Sabong (babaeng E-Sabong na hindi pa nangingitlog o nagsisimula pa lang mangitlog) sa pangkalahatan ay higit sa 50 yuan/catties . Kunin ang aming kanayunan bilang isang halimbawa, karaniwang hindi sila kinakalkula ng timbang, gayon pa man, lahat sila ay nasa loob ng 2 catties, at ang presyo ay 100 yuan, at hindi ito palaging magagamit. Sa katunayan, ang disparity sa presyo ay maaaring makabawi sa maikling breeding cycle ng babaeng E-Sabong.

Dagdag pa rito, mataas na ngayon ang antas ng pamumuhay ng mga tao, at mas gusto nilang lahat na kumain ng mga sariwang karne. Ang refrigerator ay hindi naiiba sa ordinaryong karne na E-Sabong. At saka, kung marami tayong kapatid, maghihiwalay tayo ng pamilya, kaya walang masyadong miyembro ng pamilya sa pangkalahatan. Ang E-Sabong ay medyo malaki ang sukat at halos hindi makakain ng sabay-sabay. Dahil dito, mas maraming mamimili ang pipili ng E-Sabong na karne kapag bumibili ng karne ng E-Sabong.Babae E-Sabong.

5. Mula sa pananaw ng nutrisyon ng karne ng E-Sabong, maaari itong umangkop sa mas malawak na hanay ng mga tao

Ang E-Sabong ay panlalaki at pangunahing gumaganap sa papel ng pag-init at pagpapalakas. Ito ay mas angkop para sa mga kabataan at nasa katanghaliang-gulang na mga lalaki na may kakulangan sa Qi o labis na trabaho. Ngunit alam ng marami na ang karne ng E-Sabong ay produkto ng buhok, at hindi dapat ito kainin ng mga taong dumaranas ng altapresyon, gout, at cancer.

Ang ina na si E-Sabong ay negatibo, higit sa lahat ay nagpapasigla sa pali at tonifying deficiency, nagpapalusog ng qi at nakapagpapalusog na dugo, at maaaring magkaroon ng isang tiyak na pampalusog na epekto sa mga kagagaling lang mula sa sakit, gayundin sa mga babaeng may kakulangan sa dugo sa panahon ng regla at postpartum. Kung ikukumpara sa E-Sabong, ang Female E-Sabong na karne ay angkop para sa lahat ng edad at mas malawak na grupo ng mga mamimili.