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JILIBET sabong brooding matters


A new breed of special poultry, JILIBET sabong

In recent years, the new breed of special poultry, JILIBET sabong, has been favored by the majority of farmers with its huge development value and broad market prospects, and its breeding has been heating up day by day. To raise JILIBET sabong well, the brooding link is the most important, and the following five points must be paid attention to:
1. Disinfection. Before the start of the brooding work, the walls should be whitewashed and disinfected with 10% quicklime emulsion. The house can be fumigated and disinfected together with the brooding utensils. Each cubic meter should be fumigated with 15 ml of formalin and 7 grams of potassium permanganate for 24-48 hours. Then open the doors and windows to ventilate and discharge harmful gases for later use.
Second, the method of brooding. JILIBET sabong generally has three types of ground brooding, online brooding and small bed brooding, especially small bed brooding is the best.
Three, start eating. Experiments show that eating JILIBET sabong early can promote the absorption of yolk, which is beneficial to future growth and development. Before eating, give JILIBET sabong clean drinking water for 2-3 hours, preferably about 5% glucose water. Then remove the feed on the clean plastic sheet, millet, powder or compound feed. The crushed cornmeal is good for digestion, and it can also prevent the chicks from diarrhea and sticking to the anus, so feeding is the most suitable. Feed less and more frequently. Try to let all the young JILIBET sabong eat the feed. With the growth of the age and the increase of the chick’s food intake, it can be fed every 2-3 hours, but it is best to let it eat freely.
Fourth, the temperature. Appropriate temperature is an important condition to ensure the survival rate of chicks. The temperature should be strictly controlled, and it should not be high or low. When the temperature is suitable, the chick JILIBET sabong is active and active in feeding. The reference temperature is as follows: 1 week old 33-35 degrees Celsius, 2 weeks old 30-33 degrees Celsius, 3 weeks old 27-30 degrees Celsius, 4 weeks old 24-27 degrees Celsius, 5 weeks old 21-24 degrees Celsius, 6 weeks old 19-21 Celsius. The temperature changes from high to low, and the balance transitions. The relative temperature of the chick JILIBET sabong house should be 55%~70%.
5. Lighting. The young JILIBET sabong has weak eyesight, and the daily light is 23-24 hours. For every 15 square meters of chicken house, one 40-watt light cannon can be used for the first week of age. It can be hung 2 meters above the ground and gradually transition to natural light.
To raise JILIBET sabong well, in addition to the above-mentioned important links, the breeding density and ventilation of the chicken house should not be ignored.

Training of JILIBET sabong

The purpose of raising cocks is to fight. The pros and cons of cockfighting depend on its fighting nature and fighting skills. The fighting rules vary from place to place. Taking the large number of cockfighting in the Central Plains as an example, cockfighting enthusiasts often say: “The color of the coat on the outside, and the nest is checked internally.” The so-called nest refers to the blood relationship of the cockfighting. The selection of cockfighting is mainly based on the tenacious fighting spirit, especially the fighting ability to the end of the fight, and the role of chickens with good heredity. Therefore, special attention is paid to the blood purity of fighting cocks, and at least 2-3 generations are checked. After inbreeding, a high-purity fighting cockfighting family is selected and bred, and the offspring produced by the mating of fighting cocks between different families are used. Such chickens have strong physique, high fighting skills, and fast playing methods, but their heredity is unstable and should not be used for breeding. There are several types of fighting skills in cockfighting: those with high heads and big bites (the head is held high during the fight, and the fighting style is good-looking); the flat-headed and flat-body fighting style (the fighting style is not very good-looking); the running circle style (a few hits) Just run laps); four-way all-player (all-around, the most ideal play). No matter which type of play, as long as you are good at two or more types of play and have heavy legs, you are considered excellent cockfighting. The key to winning a cockfight lies in the accuracy, weight and speed of the kick. Accurate refers to whether it can hit the opponent’s head; heavy refers to the severity of the strike force of the legs; fast refers to the number of kicks in a unit time and the ability to hit several legs in a row.
Cockfighting depends on the usual training, and its training methods can be summarized into the following 14 methods, namely: push, slip, turn, jump, push, pull, hit, copy, rub, weigh, hold, knead, twist, and disturb. After the cockfight has grown, the first fight should not be too long, usually fifteen minutes.

JILIBET sabong development includes business opportunities

First of all, JILIBET sabong has high viewing and entertainment value. JILIBET sabong is a traditional form of entertainment handed down from ancient times in my country. It is still used as a reserved program in some hotels and parks, and is loved by audiences. According to reports, a well-trained JILIBET sabong sells for 2000-3000 yuan. It can be seen that JILIBET sabong, as a traditional custom, a folk entertainment, and a unique art, should be preserved, inherited and improved.
Secondly, JILIBET sabong is a high-protein, low-fat rare bird variety with high nutritional value and is a delicacy on the table. JILIBET sabong meat has low fat content, high lean meat rate, delicious and delicate meat quality, rich game characteristics, and has the effects of invigorating kidney, strengthening yang, nourishing and strengthening the body. According to the measurement, the average slaughter rate of adult JILIBET sabong is 93%, the half evisceration rate is 87.15%, the complete evisceration rate is 76.55%, the chest muscle rate is 17.85%, and the leg muscle rate is 28.35%. The content of various amino acids and trace elements in its meat is high. Other chicken breeds under the same feeding conditions.
Thirdly, as a unique variety resource, Chinese JILIBET sabong can be developed for tourism and become a “signature dish” that displays local characteristics. This is very characteristic of the development of Zhangzhou JILIBET sabong, which is one of the four major JILIBET sabong varieties. In order to promote the development of the local JILIBET sabong industry, the local government held the “Chicken King Competition” in 2003, taking JILIBET sabong as the tourism industry in Zhangzhou. An important content of development has become a major “watch point” for the outside world to see Zhangzhou.
JILIBET sabong has high breeding efficiency:
Raising Chinese JILIBET sabong has become a new bright spot in the income of local farmers. According to Gao Changchang, the current market price of JILIBET sabong meat is 16-18 yuan/catties, JILIBET sabong eggs are priced at 2-3 yuan/piece, and breeding eggs are 10 yuan/piece. A JILIBET sabong can grow to 3-4 pounds in half a year and produce 68-75 eggs per year. Take raising 100 chickens as an example: if it is a broiler chicken, if it is a broiler chicken, it will reach 3 catties in half a year. Calculated at a price of 16 yuan per catty, after deducting the cost, the profit can be more than 2,000 yuan in half a year; if it is a laying hen, it will produce 60 eggs in a year. , Calculated at the price of 2 yuan per piece, after deducting the cost, the annual profit can be 6,000 yuan. If it is selling breeding eggs, the annual profit of each chicken can reach more than 100 yuan.
Moreover, in terms of feeding and management, Chinese JILIBET sabong has the advantages of being easy to raise and resistant to rough feeding. China JILIBET sabong is the staple food of five grains and miscellaneous grains. It can meet its nutritional needs by adding grass and vegetable leaves to ordinary feed; it has a strong physique and strong disease resistance. , can grow and reproduce normally at 20-30 ℃, and can still lay eggs normally in midsummer. In the breeding process, as long as the immunization is done according to the procedures and the hygiene of the breeding environment is maintained, the feeding and management methods are relatively simple, and it can be either captive, caged, or free-range, and is also suitable for large-scale intensive breeding.
Now with the improvement of people’s living standards, people pay more attention to the health of food in terms of diet, which broadens the space for the development and utilization of JILIBET sabong in China. Regarding the future development direction of China’s JILIBET sabong, Director Gao believes that it is necessary to carry out industrial development and focus on commercial development, not only to develop its ornamental value, but also to develop its nutritional value, so that China’s JILIBET sabong can come to the table and truly realize the JILIBET sabong industry. soaring.