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JILIBET sabong event in the Philippines


In the Philippines, JILIBET sabong has a history of 500 years,

There are more than 1,000 JILIBET sabong fields, and it has become the most common entertainment activity for urban and rural people, especially the middle and lower classes. Because of its gambling color, the Philippine government has legislated that only one JILIBET sabong market is allowed to be opened in each municipality, and it can only be opened on weekends and holidays. Every town has a JILIBET sabong field. The JILIBET sabong field is located in a special gymnasium, and the architecture is very particular. On weekends and holidays, many people go to watch JILIBET sabong


A JILIBET sabong farm outside Manila

The stepped ring auditorium in the venue can accommodate thousands of people. There is a JILIBET sabong platform in the center, which is 1.5 meters high and 8 meters square. The platform is covered with fine sand and surrounded by railings and barbed wire. The roosters were crowing in the field, and the cries of gambling bidders came one after another.

The game is about to start, two chicken owners (trainers) embrace JILIBET sabong

, set foot on the stage and stand opposite each other. The two roosters have beautiful feathers, strong and fierce. The rooster owner gradually approached, and the rooster in his arms looked at each other, as if he had identified his opponent. The chicken owner placed the chicken on the ground again and controlled it tightly with his hands. The two roosters stood upright and strode forward. When they gradually approached and were about to touch, they were suddenly pulled away again. Repeated this several times, the rooster was provoked, and his fighting spirit surged. When his anger rises to the point where he is on the verge of breaking out, the chicken owner gestures to the judges on the high chair, and the judges send out the competition signal. At this time, the two chicken owners pushed their chickens forward, pulled them back, and released their hands. I saw two roosters, full of anger, their neck feathers erect, their heads stretched forward, their claws gripping the ground, and their eyes on the enemy chickens ahead. After a moment, his legs kicked back, his body jumped up, and he fluttered his wings and rushed towards the opponent. In the sand and dust in Taiwan, the two sides fought inextricably. The sharp blades attached to the claws gleamed, and the scene was tense and thrilling. At first, the first chicken lost, the chicken owner hugged the chicken for a short rest, drank water, and continued to fight. Later, the second chicken lost, and the chicken owner also held the chicken for a while. In the final duel, the two chicken masters avoided watching, and the battle became more intense. But seeing the flying pecking and pounce, Chicken A made a unique move, raised his head and rotated, and the sharp knife on his claws flashed past, Chicken B fell like a deflated ball and fell to the ground. Show victory. The battle was over, which lasted only two and a half minutes.

Where can I get JILIBET sabong for sale

According to their geographical distribution, China’s JILIBET sabong mainly includes Henan JILIBET sabong,
Shandong JILIBET sabong et al.,
Especially produced in Kaifeng, Zhengzhou and… India’s entertainment JILIBET sabong also has a long history. Other Asian countries where JILIBET sabong is popular are the Philippines, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar, etc.