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Main features of Zhongyuan JILIBET sabong

China JILIBET sabong is produced in Kaifeng

Henan JILIBET sabong in Zhengzhou and Luoyang are purer and more famous.
JILIBET sabong has strict requirements on characteristics and fighting skills. A good JILIBET sabong requires heroic appearance, strong physique, and strict standards for its bloodline and combat performance, which is completely different from other chicken breeds.

1. JILIBET sabong character——

It is required that JILIBET sabong take the initiative to find the opponent to attack under any circumstances, especially in the back game (that is, the final stage of the battle) to fight in person, to fight the lying chicken, and to lie down and not walk in the residual game (when the two sides are exhausted). It is better to die than to give in, and to fight to the end if there is still one breath left, no retreating performance is allowed in the offensive, no half-hearted offensive posture is allowed, and the offensive must be resolute and proactive.


2. JILIBET sabong bones——

According to the special character and fighting needs of JILIBET sabong, its bones must be solid, the bones of each part are long and short, and the thickness ratio is well-proportioned, too slender or short and thick are not conducive to combat.

3. JILIBET sabong body type——

JILIBET sabong should have a wide chest, compact feathers, and neat body frame. Therefore, the experts who feed JILIBET sabong have a mantra: small head, big body, thin legs and claw. And use this to choose the size of the chicken. Crab body shape and jujube body shape are not popular.

4. JILIBET sabong weight——

The weight of JILIBET sabong is generally divided into three grades. The large JILIBET sabong weighs about 4kg, the medium JILIBET sabong is about 3.5kg, the small JILIBET sabong is about 3kg, and the cock super large JILIBET sabong weighs about 5kg. Due to the bulky body, the movement is slow. , is not conducive to fighting, so the super large JILIBET sabong is rarely fed. The female JILIBET sabong is smaller than the male JILIBET sabong, the large female JILIBET sabong is over 3.5kg, the medium female JILIBET sabong is about 3kg, and the small female JILIBET sabong is 2.5~3kg.


5JILIBET sabong. Coat color——

Cockfighting lovers are very particular about the color of the feathers of cockfighting. Generally, blue, red, purple and soap are used for coloring. Cyan is jet-black feathers, with turquoise glitters on the front, and white sand tails on the underside. The Dong family calls the blue-fighting cock Black Cloud Cover Snow. Red means that the neck and back are red hair, the group edge hair is gray-brown, and the tail is black or with white sandy tail. Purple is the feather on the back of the neck is dark red or black red, there are two kinds of cyan and white velvet. Soap color means that the plumage of the whole body is evenly black, as black as soap cloth without light. The above four coat colors are top grade. Other white, beautiful waist, reed flower, persimmon yellow hair are the lower colors. Cockfighting experts often say: only green, red, purple, soap, not lily, white, and persimmon feathers, all kinds of feathers need to be in good color, good luster, with white sand tails and white edged wings.
In addition, the selection of fighting cocks must be short and thin to reduce the chance of the chicken feathers being bitten by the opponent. The head is small and straight, the eyes are deep, the skin is thick and the feet are large and straight, with well-developed spurs. Be steady and don’t move. Such a cockfighting win is great.

JILIBET sabong noun

JILIBET sabong

JILIBET sabong is an ancient poultry breed in my country. According to historical research, it has a history of more than 2,800 years and is a rare resource of poultry. The ancient primitive chicken breeds were first used to eat meat and eggs. With the development of society, people keep the fighting nature of the jungle chicken for entertainment and gambling, so that it is carefully selected and bred in the upper class.


Muscle: The muscle muscle is mainly composed of muscle tissue. Muscle tissue consists of muscle cells (muscle fibers) and connective tissue. The shape of muscle cells is slender and fibrous, so muscle cells are often called muscle fibers. Cells are rich in myofilament proteins, which form thin and thick filaments. The head muscles can be divided into facial muscles (expression muscles) and masticatory muscles. The trunk muscles can be divided into dorsal, pectoral, abdominal, and diaphragm. The lower extremity muscles are divided into hip muscles, thigh muscles, calf muscles and foot muscles according to their location, all of which are thicker than the upper extremity muscles, which are related to supporting body weight, maintaining uprightness and walking.


Plump (fēngmǎn), a Chinese word, refers to a woman with a moderately fat and thin body, well-proportioned and good-looking, with a charm, and also refers to the number and density, and also refers to the rich. The word comes from “Guanzi·Xiaowen” “Those who are plump and full of hands and feet move, the color of soldiers and armor.”