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Question about JILIBET sabong


JILIBET sabong is a rare bird known for being good at fighting and fighting, also known as playing chicken and biting chicken

When two male roosters meet or fight each other for food, or to win a mate, they can put their life and death aside and fight to the last breath. Han Yu, a writer in the Tang Dynasty, once described the scene of cockfighting in poems: “Blood splitting and no chirping, pecking at Yin is very hungry and discouraged, why are you in a hurry to be surprised? : “The claws are deep and difficult to understand, and the eyes are not slack. One spray, one wakes up, and persistent efforts will be made.”
Cockfighting is characterized by a burly body, strong and sturdy physique, well-proportioned and compact structure, strong muscles, strong muscles, strong sex, and good fighting skills. The bones are well-developed, dense and hard. The head and neck are raised, and the neck, chest and shin are almost in a straight line. The crown is red, and the crown, beard, and earlobes are underdeveloped. The eyes are large and sharp, the beak is stubby, hard and wedge-shaped, the tip is slightly curved and sharp, the neck is thick and long and flexible, the legs are strong and powerful, the shin is long, and the spur is well-developed, long and sharp, and grows upward. The claws are thick, hard and sharp. The plumage is thin, thick, short, close to the body surface, and rich in luster. The plumage is diverse, with black plumes in the majority. Wing feathers flap powerfully.
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JILIBET sabong is an ancient chicken breed in my country with a history of more than two thousand years

“Historical Records” and “Han Books” record many things about “JILIBET sabong running dogs”. In 770 BC, during the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period, Lu Jipingzi and his neighbor Zhaobo offended Lu Zhaogong with JILIBET sabong, and they fought each other. According to Shandong’s “Chengwu County Chronicle”: “JILIBET sabong platform is behind Wenting Mountain. In the third year of King Xuan of Zhou (679 BC), Duke Huan of Qi used the Song Dynasty to carry the Bei Xingzhihui. He once hugged the princes and attacked the Song Dynasty. In other words, when it was taken in the Northern Song Dynasty, JILIBET sabong was on it.” It can be seen that the slave owners playing JILIBET sabong were quite popular at that time. In the era of Wei and Cao, Emperor Wei Ming asked in the year of Taihe (297–235 AD), and built the JILIBET sabong platform in the post capital (now Wei County, Hebei Province), where Zhao Wang Shihu played cockfights, and there was a “cockfighting east”. On the outskirts of the road, the horse is long in the room” poems. The Tang Dynasty writer Chen Hong’s “Biography of the Elders of the East City” records: “Xuanzong (712-756 AD) enjoyed the folk cockfighting show during the Qingming Festival in his mansion, and when he ascended the throne, he ruled the chicken workshop between the two palaces, the parent was Anxiong, and the gold Millimeters, iron distances, high crowns, high tails, thousands of chickens are raised.” It can be seen how much cockfighting was played at that time. Ming Gaoqi (AD 1336–1374) wrote “Book Books and Chickens”. Today, there are historical sites in Baoji, Shaanxi, with the place name “cockfighting platform”. It can be seen that the formation of Chinese cockfighting has a long history.

JILIBET sabong is a chicken breed for competition and recreation

Cockfighting originated in Asia. China is one of the ancient countries in the world that domesticated fighting cocks. “Lie Zi” records that “Ji Zhuzi raised cocks for King Xuan of Zhou”. The wind of cockfighting has become more prevalent in the Spring and Autumn Period. According to their geographical distribution, Chinese cockfighting mainly includes Henan cockfighting, Shandong cockfighting, etc., especially Henan cockfighting produced in Kaifeng, Zhengzhou and Luoyang and other places are purer and more famous. In addition, there are fighting cocks produced in northern Anhui, Turpan and Ili in Xinjiang, Xishuangbanna in Yunnan and Zhangzhou in Fujian. Recreational cockfighting in India also has a long history. Other Asian countries where cockfighting is popular are the Philippines, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, and Myanmar. The game of cockfighting was introduced to Europe around the 5th century BC, and later to the rest of the world.
The cockfighting area in the Central Plains is located in the alluvial plain of the Yellow River, and the landform types are sand dunes, sandy land and silted flat land. The climate is semi-arid and semi-humid, with obvious monsoon climate characteristics. The annual precipitation is 600–800mm. The planting industry is dominated by wheat, corn, peanuts and potatoes, with abundant feed resources. Turpan cockfighting is produced in the Turpan Basin, which is known as the Fire State. It is located in a low-altitude area. The lowest altitude is -154m. Although the average annual precipitation is only 25mm, due to the melting of snow and ice in the mountains, the groundwater source is abundant, and the development of oasis agriculture is an important part of the development of oasis agriculture. The characteristics of the area are rich in products, mainly wheat, sorghum and so on. Xishuangbanna, the origin of cockfighting, olive dam, with an altitude of 523m, is surrounded by mountains, and the Lancang River flows through the center of Bazi. The climate is hot and is a typical tropical climate. Rich in rice, corn, soybean and a variety of tropical crops, animal and plant natural feed resources are extremely rich. Turpan cockfighting and Xishuangbanna cockfighting have a common characteristic in the ecological environment. For a long time, due to inconvenient transportation, they are relatively isolated from the outside world, and naturally form a closed breeding group. In addition, the formation of cockfighting breeds, with the local people’s addiction

JILIBET sabong has strict requirements on characteristics and fighting skills

A good fighting cock requires heroic appearance, strong physique, and strict standards for its bloodline and combat performance, which is completely different from other chicken breeds.
Character–Requires the cockfight to take the initiative to find the opponent to attack under any circumstances, especially in the back game (that is, the final stage of the battle) to fight in person, to fight the lying chicken, and to lie down in the residual game (when the two sides are exhausted) Go, it is better to die than to give in, and you have to fight to the end if you still have one breath. No retreating performance is allowed in the attack, and there can be no half-hearted attacking posture. The attack must be resolute and active.
Bones–According to the special character and fighting needs of cockfighting, its bones must be solid, and the bones of each part are long and short, and the ratio of thickness and thickness is well-proportioned. Too slender or short and thick are not conducive to combat.
Body shape – The chest of the cockfighting cock should be wide, the feathers should be compact, and the body frame should be neat. Therefore, the experts who feed the cockfighting cock have a mantra: small head, big body, thin legs and claw. And use this to choose the size of the chicken. Crab body shape and jujube body shape are not popular.
Weight–The weight of cockfighting cocks is generally divided into three grades. The weight of the large cockfighting cock is about 4Kg, the medium-sized cockfighting cock is about 3.5Kg, the small cockfighting cock is about 3Kg, and the super-large cockfighting cock is about 5Kg. Conducive to fighting, so super large fighting cocks are rarely fed. The female fighting cock is smaller than the male fighting cock, the large female fighting cock is more than 3.5Kg, the medium female fighting cock is about 3 Kg, and the small female fighting cock is 2.5-3 Kg.
Coat color – cockfighting lovers are very particular about the color of the feathers of the cockfighting cock. Generally, blue, red, purple and soap are used for coloring. Cyan is jet-black feathers, with turquoise glitters on the front, and white sand tails on the underside. The Dong family calls the blue-fighting cock Black Cloud Cover Snow. Red means that the neck and back are red hair, the group edge hair is gray-brown, and the tail is black or with white sandy tail. Purple is the feather on the back of the neck is dark red or black red, there are two kinds of cyan and white velvet. Soap color means that the plumage of the whole body is evenly black, as black as soap cloth without light. The above four coat colors are top grade. Other white, beautiful waist, reed flower, persimmon yellow hair are the lower colors. Cockfighting experts often say: only green, red, purple, soap, not lily, white, and persimmon feathers, all kinds of feathers need to be in good color, good luster, with white sand tails and white edged wings.
Head – Relatively speaking, a small face should be tight and thin, the earrings should be small and not heavy, the forehead should be broad, the eye sockets should be deep and large, the crown should be small and straight, and the facial features should be coordinated. The mouth shape is required to be both thick, straight and long and pointed. The big bow-shaped mouth is not good, and the mouth should be sharp and sharp. Too thin and too long (commonly known as bamboo stick mouth) is not advisable. The tip of the mouth should be pure, generally only yellow and white, and the mouth color of an adult cockfight should not be black. The nostrils should be fanned out, and the nostrils should be large and long.
Eye color – is very particular about cross-cock eye color, generally divided into three types: white, yellow, red, as well as chrysanthemum, bean green, etc., with pure white as the top grade. The eyes should be sharp, the eyes should be sharp, the sockets should be deep, and the eyeballs should be small.
Crown – generally divided into two categories: flat top and corolla. The flat top is also called the top, and the top is divided into narrow surface, wide surface, goose top, and persimmon crown; the corolla is divided into a warped corolla, a small corolla, a large corolla, a birthday crown, and a mountain axe. According to the requirements of the battle, small and thin ones are better.
Leg claws – legs are divided into thighs and open legs. The curvature of the thigh and the open leg should be large, commonly known as the large curvature of the thigh and strong bounce. The thighs should be thick, the legs should be thin, the meat should grow on the thighs, and the legs should be skinny without any meat. There is a type of seven-petaled legs that are also excellent in appearance (seven-petaled legs have three-way tile surfaces on the leg surface, depending on the shape of a section of the seven-petaled petals, forming seven petals, hence the name), the distance between the legs should be large, that is, the crotch should be Wide, claws should be large, claws should be thin, dry, long, and the angle between the toes should be large, that is, the so-called large cross claw. The hind paws should be stretched back so that they can stand firmly.