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sabong wood chicken


Qi State prevails sabong

During the Spring and Autumn Period, sabong was prevalent in Qi. From princes and nobles to common people, there are crowds of sabong everywhere, and lively scenes of sabong everywhere.
King Qi was also keen on sabong. In order to win in sabong, he hired a sabong expert named Ji Lingzi to come to the palace to tame fighting cocks for himself.
Ji Lingzi came to the palace and saw that King Qi kept a group of untamed chickens, all of them with their heads raised and their eyes puffed up, full of air and wildness.
So, Ji Lingzi began to domesticate these chickens. After ten days, the King of Qi asked Ji Lingzi:


Is sabong trained?

No, these chickens are pretty much the same as they used to be, they’re indulgent and conceited. ” Ji Lingzi replied.
After another ten days, the King of Qi asked him again, “Has the chicken been domesticated yet?”
Ji Lingzi replied, “Not yet. They seem impatient when they hear a sound or see a shadow.”
After another ten days, the King of Qi went to ask him again. Kikiko replied:

They are still looking around impatiently

“No. They’re still looking around impatiently, domineering and invincible.”
On the fortieth day, when the King of Qi left again, Ji Lingzi said:

sabong has been trained

Your Majesty, the cockfighting has been trained. Although some of them occasionally cry a few times, they are no longer fickle. It seems that they are as stupid as wood carvings, but they are calm and have the spirit of daring to fight, and no chicken can defeat them. ”

King Qi is very happy


King Qi was very happy and ordered a large-scale sabong game to be organized. When King Qi put the chickens tamed by Ji Lingzi into the sabong farm, all the other chickens turned around in fright, and none of them dared to fight.
The King of Qi won without a fight and gave Ji Lingzi a large bounty.
Later, the allusion “Ji Ling sabong” was used to describe the self-cultivation, or to describe the stupid and dazed.