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This is how Filipinos describe the importance of Online sabong

Online sabong becomes a ‘good business’ in the Philippines

This industry can create a value of more than 10 million pesos, and even become a market for multinational companies to invest in. This country, which is filled with tens of thousands of online sabong fields and has tens of millions of online sabongs, is also known as the paradise of online sabongs.

Such commercial interests may also reflect the inherent nature of Filipinos. Even with their faith, honesty, and optimism, they are willing to have fun and take their chances in such a game. Because they can reduce the difficulties and setbacks in life in such a field. Whether you are poor, or the elite of the elite, like the family of Mrs. Aquino, the former president.

Carlos Bulosan, a Filipino writer who immigrated to the United States, in “Daddy’s Laughter”, shows the life of the Filipino countryside after World War I, their poverty and joy. The scenes of “Online sabong” are everywhere. The poor will gamble when they get the money. If they want to win the opportunity, even the rich hold the Online sabong in their hands and run to the Online sabong field whenever they have the chance. Online sabong is either life or death in the online sabong field. The online sabong that loses finally becomes a delicacy on the table, no matter how carefully the owner took care of him during his lifetime, feeding him with rice grains or cheese vitamins. For nearly a hundred years, the bits and pieces described in “Dad’s Laughter” can still be seen in today’s Philippines. Chicken flying and dog jumping and ox cart strolling are all scenery.

But it also tells us that the popularity of Online sabong is still based on gambling.

It’s an opportunity, and Filipinos believe in luck and chance as much as they believe in masculinity and masculinity, which is the romance of life. Therefore, such casual romance is often seen in artistic and literary creation.

Once, when I visited a museum, the tour guide explained various creations in the Philippines in detail. Among them, the works of “Man and Online sabong” were very eye-catching. “The Philippines is very hot and there are no elk.” She suddenly pointed to a Christmas toy and said, “So, Santa Claus in the Philippines is riding on a rooster.” I couldn’t help laughing when I saw it, this is really a country symbolized by chickens.

Such obvious images do not involve moral and value judgments, and are sometimes just life.

I once read in a report that an online sabong person mentioned how his village neighbors went to Saudi Arabia to work as migrant workers

, how hard work and hardships endured, but the income was often not as good as when he bet online sabong once, “If My friend wins and I get beer and chicken.”

He is a motorcycle taxi driver, and his income is not much, but the luckiest time he won a washing machine for him, about two hundred and eighty dollars, more than his monthly income, even more than Saudi Arabia Work more than a month.

He explained his Online sabong in one sentence: “Hanap buhay lang.” This dialect refers to, I’m just making a living.