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Vietnam online sabong China online sabong

Vietnam online sabong China online sabong


Vietnamese online sabong should be selected, with an oblong head and a protruding forehead. There are water chestnuts on both sides to the eye sockets.
There is even skin on the back of the neck, the back of the head is broad and resistant to beating, the top of the bean crown is prominent, the face is balanced and the skull is balanced.
The crown and tail, the mouth is long, thick and wide, and the center must have a Mitsubishi line with distinct convex and concave. The chest is wide and protruding forward. Vietnamese online sabong has well-developed hindquarters and broad and flat wings.
Full, the left wing is bright and soft, and the whole body is full of muscles. The bones are thick and straight, the legs are round and firm, the legs are short and cloudy, and the legs are like bows, and the feet are raised
As fast as the wind, it is short and small from a distance, but it is solid and strong when seen close up. cross
The back of the southern online sabong is flat and towering, the muscles under the abdomen should be broad, tight, and square.
Reaching the chest, waving wings powerfully, dancing with style.

Purebred vietnamese online sabong aggressive or vietnamese online sabong

Online sabong is a rare bird known for being good at fighting and fighting. It is an omnivorous domestic bird. Also known as fighting chickens, biting chickens, and military chickens, when two males meet or fight for food, or fight each other for a mate, they can put their life and death aside and fight to the last breath. Han Yu, a writer in the Tang Dynasty, used a poem to describe the scene of online sabong: “Blood is splitting and no voice is heard, pecking Yin is very hungry and disheartened. What’s the urgency to be alarmed by?” Meng Jiao also wrote a poem about cockfighting. Yun: “The claws are deep and difficult to understand, and the eyes are not slack. One spray, one wakes up, and persistent efforts will be made.”

Online sabong is a chicken breed for competition and recreation

Online sabong games originated in Asia. China is one of the ancient countries in the world that domesticated Online sabong. “Liezi” records that “Ji Zhuzi raised Online sabong for King Xuan of Zhou”. Online sabong has become more popular in the Spring and Autumn Period. According to their geographical distribution, China’s online sabong mainly includes Henan Online sabong and Shandong Online sabong, especially the Henan fighting cocks produced in Kaifeng, Zhengzhou and Luoyang are purer and more famous. In addition, there are fighting cocks produced in northern Anhui, Turpan and Ili in Xinjiang, Xishuangbanna in Yunnan and Zhangzhou in Fujian. Recreational cockfighting in India also has a long history. Other Asian countries where cockfighting is popular are the Philippines, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar, etc. The game of cockfighting was introduced to Europe around the 5th century BC, and later to the rest of the world.

Online sabong body type

Online sabong is tall and burly, with a strong physique and a long body that resembles an ostrich body. The beak is like an olecranon, the neck is long, the chest is well developed, the feathers are shallow, and the neck is thick and long.
Shandong Qinying Online sabong breeding base has received attention and support from all walks of life since its establishment. CCTV Channel 7 “Get Rich”, “Rural Monsoon”, Shandong TV “Agricultural Science Channel” and so on many times reported. The cockfighting scenes shot by Shandong Film Studio and Changchun Film Studio are all provided by this farm. In the 5th Sino-Vietnamese Friendship Cockfighting Competition, Luxi cockfighting “Black Phoenix” from Shandong Qinying Chicken Breeding and Breeding Base won the first place with its superb fighting skills. It has a large and strong body, a small head and a flat crown, thick and long neck, thick and high legs, majestic and powerful, close-fitting feathers, plump muscles, rapid growth, ferocious and aggressive rooster, and adult male fighting rooster weight 5kg-6kg, hens weigh 3kg-3.5kg, and generally produce about 180 eggs per year. The fighting chicken is delicious, sweet and tender, with a special flavor. The content of various amino acids and trace elements in the fighting chicken is higher than that of other chicken breeds under the same feeding conditions. It is a rare bird with high protein and low fat. It is vigorous, pungent, powerful, witty and tenacious. It is a pet in some entertainment places and is deeply loved by people. Whether it is used as food or ornamental, there is a broad prospect for development and breeding of cockfighting.
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